Street Dog Hero




Meet Astrid! This cutie pie is about 6-9 months old and weighs 25-30 pounds. She will grow into a med/large dog. She was abandoned by her owners, they left her tied to a tree without food or water. She was there for days. Then one night there was a huge thunder and rain storm. So big it washed out some roads and she had been left tied to the tree through it all. Luckily the neighbors were alert and finally said enough and cut her rope and took her home. Unfortunately they had 7 dogs that started attacking her so they brought her to the rescue. She was covered in fleas but was in good spirits despite all she had been through. The woman who rescued her, her daughters name is Astrid. She is beautiful, with one ear up and one ear down. For such a young dog, she walks well on leash; she pulls at the leash a bit but is easily corrected. She did show interest in the cat, but not in an aggressive way. She is super friendly with other dogs - she always wants to make friends when she passes a dog on her walk. Astrid was rescued from Guadalajara, Mexico. Will you be her hero?

steps to adopting

  • The first step to adopting a dog from SDH is to complete the adoption application. The application takes a few days to be approved. Once completed and approved it is good for all dogs and saved for future use. You are also able to adopt a dog that is the right fit for you and your family and that fits your lifestyle.

  • To adopt a dog, you must complete an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of $300. The adoption contract helps cover our costs. On average per dog it costs us between $300-$700 for vetting, transport, sterilization and more. All dogs are rescued and do not transport to SDH until they are healthy and ready to be adopted. All dogs before they fly are vetted, given standard vaccines and rabies, dewormed, given flea/tick treatments and tested for heart worm. We also try to sterilize the dogs before they fly, but if this does not happen we will spay/neuter them once they arrive.

  • ALL animals MUST be sterilized within a month of arriving – and SDH will cover the cost. Once the dogs arrive they are vetted again with our vet and treated if needed. All SDH dogs (and cats) receive a lifetime of support.