Street Dog Hero




Meet beautiful Elliott! He is a large male mix breed, probably some lab, with a gorgeous brindle coat. He is about 18 months old and weighs about 55 pounds. He was owned by a Mexican family who were caretakers of a property that was located across the street from a popular restaurant. One of the Ranch volunteers often goes to that restaurant and Elliott caught her eye when he was a small puppy and she watched him grow up. One evening in June she was having dinner at the restaurant, and she saw the Mexican family load up a truck with their belongings and drive away - leaving Elliott behind. She watched him for a few weeks to make sure the family wasn’t coming back. During this time she slipped food and water through the gate. Eventually she gained access to the property and freed Elliott and he came to the Ranch. Elliott doesn’t hold a grudge against people, he is a happy loving boy. At times, he seems to forget how big he is and will jump up, but this is the enthusiasm of being a shelter dog and not getting enough one on one attention from the volunteers. He loves walks but needs to improve his leash skills as he’s a puller. But he is an intelligent dog that learns quickly and loves to please. He does great with other dogs, kids and cats. Elliot lost his family before but oh so deserves a loving one. He is being fostered in Bend, OR. Will you be his hero?

steps to adopting

  • The first step to adopting a dog from SDH is to complete the adoption application. The application takes a few days to be approved. Once completed and approved it is good for all dogs and saved for future use.

  • To finalize an adoption you must complete the contract and pay an adoption fee of $300. The adoption fee helps cover our costs. On average, per dog, it costs between $300-$700 for vetting, transport, sterilization and more. All dogs are rescued and do not transport to SDH until they are healthy and ready to be adopted. All dogs are vetted before they fly, given standard vaccines and rabies, dewormed, given flea/tick treatments and tested for heart worm. Most dogs are sterilized before they fly, however if this is not the case we will spay/neuter them once they arrive at our cost.

  • Upon arrival all dogs are seen for a wellness exam and parasite screening. Any treatment necessary is at our expense.