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Meet Oskar! Oskar was rescued in Chembur, Mumbai, on May 8th 2018 when he was only a month old. After recovering from a fracture caused by a car accident, he was attacked by a male dog from his own pack which left him paralyzed in his hind legs. Over the past year, with veterinary treatment, love and amazing endurance, Oskar has become a fast and furious little bunny, hopping through puppy milestones at an incredible pace. His hind legs are still not fully functional - though occasionally you will find him trying his best to scratch his ears or chase rabbits in his dreams - he has a wheelchair that he uses to play in the park and go on walks. He still struggles with incontinence and needs a diaper for outdoor travel but this is slowly improving as he learns when he needs to potty. But...that doesn’t keep him from enjoying life and being one happy pup! He loves going to the beach for some sun and sand and demanding love and attention. He also loves cats! He is a supernova explosion of energy and has been learning basic obedience with his foster. He loves treats and his favorite fruit is mango! Oskar is a little over a year old and weighs 22lbs. Oskar is an inspiration to all, will you be his hero?

steps to adopting

  • The first step to adopting a dog from SDH is to complete the adoption application. The application takes a few days to be approved. Once completed and approved it is good for all dogs and saved for future use. You are also able to adopt a dog that is the right fit for you and your family and that fits your lifestyle.

  • To adopt a dog, you must complete an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of $300. The adoption contract helps cover our costs. On average per dog it costs us between $300-$700 for vetting, transport, sterilization and more. All dogs are rescued and do not transport to SDH until they are healthy and ready to be adopted. All dogs before they fly are vetted, given standard vaccines and rabies, dewormed, given flea/tick treatments and tested for heart worm. We also try to sterilize the dogs before they fly, but if this does not happen we will spay/neuter them once they arrive.

  • ALL animals MUST be sterilized within a month of arriving – and SDH will cover the cost. Once the dogs arrive they are vetted again with our vet and treated if needed. All SDH dogs (and cats) receive a lifetime of support.