Street Dog Hero



Marianne Cox, President & Founder

Marianne has always been surrounded by animals and is always the first to stop what she’s doing to help or rescue anything. After her first trip to Mexico while in college the sight of street dogs stayed with her and she dreamed of one day saving at least one of them. Twenty years later her dream became reality when she decided to not only save one, but hundreds and started her own international rescue. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Chris, two kids Bella & Colton and their 3 dogs and a cat – she has adopted one of her rescues and I’m sure this number will go up….

Trish Burson, Volunteer & Logistics Director

As a little girl Trish was always dragging home stray animals and nothing has changed! In her life Trish has had numerous dogs and cats, horses, iguanas, birds, fish, bunnies and guinea pigs.
Trish is a huge advocate of reducing animal suffering due to pet overpopulation and has worked at Bend Spay and Neuter Project and has traveled to Mexico to volunteer at spay and neuter clinics. Trish also volunteers as a board member and long haul driver of a local non-profit, transporting dogs from high kill shelters to shelters in the Pacific Northwest. Trish is the proud mom of two Street Dog Hero pups, Paco and Alli and rescue dog Otis, and a once feral cat named Sophie. She’s lucky enough to share her life with her wonderful husband Jerry, who shares her passion for animals. Trish is honored to be a part of the dedicated Street Dog Hero team.



Amanda Wheeler, Adoptions, Public Relations & Social Media Director

Amanda is a Bend native who was born with a passion for animals. Growing up she had many dogs, cats and bunnies and was always trying to bring home more. Amanda graduated from Mt. View High School and the University of Oregon then moved south to San Diego where she volunteered at San Diego Humane Society. After coming back to Bend two years ago she has since joined the Board of Directors at the Humane Society of Central Oregon and currently serves as Secretary. She is an active shelter volunteer and you can find her at the shelter Saturday mornings assisting the public with adoptions. Amanda also travelled to Best Friends Animal Society where she spent a week volunteering and adopted Willow and she is a proud foster fail of SDH pup, Monkey. Amanda and her girls spend their free time enjoying the Central Oregon outdoors, friends and family!

Members of the Board

Dr. Byron Maas

Dr. Byron Maas is a graduate of Washington State University and has been practicing companion animal medicine for 29 years. Dr. Maas and his amazing medical team have established award winning Bend Veterinary Clinic as Central Oregon's premier animal hospital, providing exceptional compassionate medical care, surgery and dentistry to the community while dedicating care to many local rescue organizations. Byron is passionate about improving the medical care in all species from his beginnings at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. He has served to establish Think Wild, Central Oregons wildlife rehabilitation facility, provided medical care for the High Desert Museum, volunteered with World Vets in Honduras in endangered species care and served for many years with the Board of Chimps Inc. Dr. Maas is passionate about humane animal population control with traditional surgical and non surgical techniques. Byron has been at the cutting edge worldwide with injectable male sterilization with Zeuterin, educating veterinary professionals, injection technique training and field use. Dr. Maas currently serves as the Medical Director of Spanky Project USA providing sterilization campaigns to Cuba. He has also served as Medical Director and current volunteer to Animal Balance providing high quality, high volume sterilization programs to developing nations and Hawaii. Byron was the first veterinary volunteer to establish Esther Honey Foundation's Cook Island Veterinary clinic in the South Pacific dramatically changing the lives of the people and their animals. Dr. Maas co-founded the Bend Spay and Neuter Project, initiated the shelter medicine program at Central Oregon Humane Society and Brightside Humane increasing adoption of sterilized and healthy companions. Additionally Byron continues to collaborate with NGO's worldwide and volunteer with Vet Ventures, Oregon Outback Humane and Animal Synergy. Dr. Maas strives to promote the human animal bond through compassionate care, education, community outreach and medical programs in underserved nations.


Christy Miranda

I have been with and around animals my entire life. From as early as I can remember my grandfather would bring home any type of stray or injured animal that needed help and nurse them back to health. Some left and went back to the wild, and some stayed; deer, raccoons , squirrels, turtles, dogs, etc… I am a native Oregonian, and I came to Bend by way of Southern Oregon 20 years ago and stayed. I was Bend based but always on an airplane traveling near and far. I’ve had a wonderful career and seen many places and met interesting people, but once my son was born I easily traded that in to stay more grounded and enjoy him and my family here in Bend. I was lucky enough to come across Street Dog Hero and began volunteering, and was happy to put my skills to good use. My children are junior hero’s and love animals as much as I do. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have an animal. It has been such a journey. At times heartbreaking, but the enduring message was always just do as much good as you can, whenever you can. No one will ever say you were too nice, loved too much or we’re too kind. You will never regret the kindness you give. Don’t forego the love you can receive today because there may be heartbreak later. Dogs have a purity and love that once you have it, your life will never be complete without it.


Bobbi Anderson

A native Oregonian, Bobbi fell in love with animals as a child growing up on a small farm in rural Happy Valley. When she discovered Street Dog Hero and their mission in 2017 she knew immediately it was a cause she wanted to support. She first joined as an escort, her first run ending in a “flight fail,” meaning she fell in love and adopted the dog she brought home from Cabo. After that she had a couple of “foster fails,” when she added her foster dogs to her permanent pet family. Like many of the people at Street Dog Heroes, Bobbi just can’t help but fall in love with each furry face that crosses her path. Bobbi has a real soft spot for anyone searching for community, so she opens her home to pets and people of all walks of life. Her love of street dogs is a passion she shares with her daughters who are “junior heroes,” and through the generous support of her husband, Billy.