Street Dog Hero


A Street Dog’s Poem

Now I have arrived at your home, Everything is strange, and I feel tired and scared from my long journey.
I have left a country where they speak another language, flown on a plane and been transported far from where I know.
Do not feel impatient If I don’t sleep in my new bed Yesterday, I slept on a stone floor.
Do not be scared if I gobble up my food, Yesterday, I had to do it to survive.
Do not get angry if I have an accident on your floor, Yesterday it did not matter to anyone.
Do not be frightened it I am skittish or reactive, your environment is foreign and overwhelming to me.
Do not be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand, Yesterday, I did not have one.
Have patience with me, it’s your world, but not yet mine.
As I learn to trust you, I will give you the greatest gift I have to give, my heart.
Please remember, I was a street dog, All I need is a bit of time to adjust.


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zoey, rescued from new delhi, India 2018