Fostering FAQs

What happens if I fall in love with my foster dog and I want to adopt?
It happens and we affectionately call these ‘foster fails.’ If you fall in love with your foster pup, you will complete the adoption application just as any other interested family would and let the Adoptions Manager and the Foster Manager know that you just can’t give up your foster! If there are other families ahead of you or someone has a preexisting hold on the dog, they do have first right. We also ask that if you adopt, you still consider fostering for us – the dogs need you!
Is it safe to foster a dog?
We take all precautions available to make fostering safe! We vaccinate all dogs (that are of age) and quarantine any that we are concerned for any reason might be ill prior to sending them into foster homes. We also match our dogs to foster homes based on the behavioral information we have about them.
Do I get to choose which dog I foster?
Yes! You will be added to your local foster group where dogs’ pictures, bios, and foster details are posted. Raise your hand when the pet and timing is right for you!
What does the foster family need to provide?
  • A healthy and safe environment for their foster dogs.
  • Transportation to and from vet appointments as needed.
  • Socialization and cuddle time to help teach dogs positive family and pet relationships.
  • Exercise and enrichment to keep our dogs happy and healthy. Street Dog Hero will provide all supplies throughout your time fostering with us. This includes food, treats, toys, collars, leashes, bowls, beds and crates. Street Dog Hero also provides all medical care for your dog.
How much commitment is expected to foster?
The time frame of fostering varies greatly. Sometimes a foster home is only needed for a few days and other times we have dogs that take longer to find their forever homes. We typically have an estimated foster length for a dog so you can choose what works for you! If you have a foster dog and your plans change we can also accommodate that. We make fostering as easy as possible so give it a try!
Isn’t it hard to give them up?
It’s a common question and the answer is two-fold. Is it hard? It can be because you’ve built a strong bond with your foster dog. But the joy of seeing them being welcomed into a loving forever family and living the life they deserve completely outweighs any sense of sadness you have at them leaving. Plus, by letting one go on to their new life, you get the chance to help even more dogs do the same! We guarantee your fostering experience will be filled with lots of happy tears!
Are there any risks to my pets at home?
Anytime an animal is exposed to another animal – whether that be at a park, veterinary office, or friend’s home, there is always the potential for a health risk. As long as the foster family’s animals at home are up to date on their vaccinations, maintain a healthy diet and are not elderly or very young – then any health risk is minimal. Proper hygiene and preventative measures will reduce the risk of disease. Please let us know if you have any questions about introducing your foster animal to your animals at home!