Street Dog Hero



If you live or travel throughout Bend Oregon, Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington, there are many ways you can help Street Dog Hero. Become a foster, flight volunteer, transporter, fundraiser or share our information on social media.

I can’t do everything, but I can do something


We hope to have most of these dogs adopted before they arrive, but for the ones we haven’t placed in their forever homes we need fosters that can house and love them until we do or until they are ready for whatever reason it may be – more socialization, more time to get to know the dog better, medical reason, etc. Fostering is a great way to get your dog fix, or eventually find your next dog (aka: foster fail!). All expenses are paid and we supply you with whatever you need if you don’t already have it. Help to and from the dogs vet appt.’s are a big help when fostering and sometimes airport pick up. Taking pictures of your foster dog, getting them socialized, watching them grow and explore new things is always fun and exciting. Plus you get to meet families interested in this pup and eventually watch them to go to their forever homes.


Are you ready to open up your home to your new best friend? There are so many dogs looking to be just that – your loving, loyal companion in life. If you find a dog that captures you heart, please contact us and fill out an adoption application so we can bring you and your new bestie together!


Need we say more. Unfortunately rescuing your new best friend doesn’t come without expenses. 100% of your donation goes to rescued pets. Our operation is run completely on a volunteer basis. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to continuing to rescue animals in need from all over the world!


Thanks to people like you, we are able to continue our important work rescuing dogs. By choosing to fundraise for us, you become a part of something incredible, part of the solution. If you want to join our team, please use our contact form or send us a message on Facebook!

Spread the word

We can’t grow and rescue more pets if we don’t have you helping us make people aware of what we are doing in the rescue world. There are many ways to help us spread the word about Street Dog Hero:
* Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram
* Share our posts and encourage others to follow us
* Tell friends and family about us when they mention needing a furry friend


Jr. Hero’s Program

SDH loves to involve the youth in our community. We strive to make the youth in our community the face of SDH. If any kids between the ages of 9-16 are interested in becoming Junior Heroes please email us at to learn more.

Jr. Heros Facebook Page

Our Junior Heroes have a youth council that meets once a month and is ran by our Youth Advisor board. We also have youth fundraising events, walk in parades and so much more. The kids not only learn to give back but they learn all about non-profits as well as much needed skills to become successful in life: people skills, organizational skills, public speaking skills, management skills – the list goes on and oh yeah it’s fun too!

Flight Volunteer

Even a beach vacation, or any trip, can become an opportunity to save a street dogs life. The next time you plan to visit a destination like Mexico, Virgin Islands, Belize, South Korea, Texas or California – you may be able to help escort a street dog to his forever home and be a Holiday Hero at no cost to you.

There is no work or expense involved on your part. We handle all of the arrangements; you just show up at the airport and present documents at customs when you enter the United States. Someone will meet you when you land at your final destination.

The feeling of satisfaction you get and the emotional attachment you make with the dog in such a short time period is priceless.

If you want to join our team, please send us an email or message us on Facebook!