Today’s Pupdate is on a very special blind puppy from Armenia. She was one of the few lucky ones who was put on a plane before the 1 yr. Rabies Ban the United States slapped on 113 countries in the summer of 2021.

Nobu was around 4 months old and weighed 25 lbs.

After arriving and being vetted here, it was suspected she had Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy which causes her bones to not fully form and be soft. Upon arrival we did full radiographs and found she had a chronically broken front leg (because of her condition, the bone would break over and over before it was able to heal. She also had a subluxation of her spine (partially dislocated spine) Being blind was the last thing we worried about with her. Her bones and spine were so fragile we were all concerned how a growing puppy like herself would carry on and live a happy healthy life.

Nobu ended up being adopted by one of our local veterinarians who named her Lemonade or Lemon for short – When life gives you Lemons you make Lemonade – the name fit her perfect.

Lemon was on very strict kennel restrictions for weeks with the hopes her spine and leg would finally be able to heal. While she was contained to just a small space she grew much larger and stronger which is what we all wanted to see. She is on medications, eating a special food and still treated like a fragile baby but her family is committed to keeping her healthy and happy as long as her body will allow and keep up.

The family ended up buying a new house recently and made sure the house was perfect for Lemon.

Today, Lemon is 7 months old, 90 lbs and is loved and surrounded by a family of 4, other dogs, cats, horses, chickens.

The pictures are of Nobu/Lemon in Armenia as a little pup, being confined to help her grow stronger the last several months and today a happy healthy puppy who is able to live an almost normal life.

Lemon was sent to euthanasia in Armania AFTER being rescued off the streets at 3 months old as a blind puppy, who had her ears cut, had a broken paw and was very malnourished but her rescuer saw something in her and her words I’ll never forget were “People call her the dog with disabilities but for me she is the dog with magical abilities”