We are featuring two pups who were adopted all the way back in 2018 for this week’s Pupdate:

“Rae (formally Ava) was saved from euthanasia at a shelter in Houston in March of 2018. She was about a year old at the time, and extremely shy; and especially scared of men. We worked with her patiently, and she started to become more confident each day. Her sweet side came out and we found out that she is a cuddle bug. Unfortunately, shortly after we adopted her, she became extremely ill and started having seizures. The vet diagnosed her with severe Epilepsy and we put her on medication, but it did not help. That led to discovering that she had a brain tumor, and although we tried everything, the seizures started to increase to several times a day and it was clear that she was suffering. We made the tough decision to say good-bye to sweet Rae. Our family was heartbroken to lose her, but we felt so grateful she was with us so we could love her as long as possible for her short little life. I truly believe we were meant to adopt her and she brought so much joy to our lives.

Canelo was rescued in September of 2018 by SayulitAnimals in Sayulita, Mexico. He was about a year old, and was often seen in the streets, always alone and super shy. Luckily, he got rescued and made his way to Oregon. Although our family was still sad from losing Rae, one look at Canelo’s picture and our family was hooked! Where do I even begin… Canelo means “Red Cinnamon” in Spanish, and boy is that true! He is a silly, goofy, playful, snuggly guy. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that we don’t laugh out loud at something he is doing. We adore Canelo and are so grateful to Street Dog Hero for helping this once shy boy come into our lives.” – Rae and Canelo’s mom