Sarge was spotted by some locals in Bucerias, Mexico who saw him alone, living on the streets, and felt he was in need of help. He was at our rescue partner’s shelter for about a year before he got a chance to fly to the U.S. and find his forever home.

Here’s the pupdate on Sarge:

“Our family unexpectedly lost our girl Miika in October of 2021. We did not set out to replace her, but we also knew she would want us to share the tremendous amount of love we still had to give. We came across Sarge in November of 2021 on the SDH website. There were so many pictures of Sarge on his profile but the one that got me was of him after his bath, with a towel on his head, looking like the sweetest, loveable dog ever. Once we made contact with Sarge’s foster mom, we learned a little of Sarge’s journey. 

He had shown some aggressiveness and had severe anxiety. His foster mom had experiences with such types of dogs, and was determined and went above and beyond to help him find his forever home. Because of that hard work and of many others, he became more manageable right when we came along looking for another dog!

To meet this lovebug, you would never know the struggles he has overcome in his 3 short years. He has become such a joy, and has a very quirky personality that we cannot get enough of. He has the funniest bark that we call his “whoot whoot” because it’s so high pitched you can’t help but laugh. And ohmygosh he LOVES people! We have a busy household with lots of friends and family who come by and he cannot get enough attention, ear rubs and love! Sarge came into our lives and has filled the emptiness that was once there. He is in his furever home with his forever family. We feel truly honored to have him part of The Kovalski Klan. Thank you SDH!” -Sarge’s mom