Dante was rescued from Sayulita, Mexico in 2019 and he had many physical challenges to overcome before he found his forever family. We believe he was a distemper survivor which caused him to have very bad teeth as a young dog. By the time he was rescued off the street, he had no teeth left which caused his tongue to hang out of his mouth, and made him unique and cute to many. He also had bilateral luxating patellas (his knee caps are loose and move around) in both knees and had surgery to fix that condition in early 2020. After his surgery, he was on very strict rest for a couple of months with a foster family until he and his forever family finally found each other.

He is now Frankie, and here is his pupdate:

“Frankie is doing really well! We definitely had a period of getting everyone acclimated in terms of him and our other dog Wynnston, him trusting us, etc. – but from Day 1, he was so incredibly loving and has such a sweet soul.

Our dog Wynnston and he are buddies now and we treat our animals like we would children, they get to sleep in the bed with us every night. Frankie loves to relax on the couch, go for long walks on our 20-acre property, car rides, and fetch balls and sticks. The best part of rescuing him is seeing the trust he has in us and people in general now. The things that he used to be hypersensitive/reactive to are now a non-issue (except for the hose…still working on that one). He looks to me for assurance when he is unsure about something and as long as he sees I’m OK with something, he is as well. We feel so incredibly lucky Frankie is in our lives and I can’t imagine my days without him.” – Frankie’s mom