“Matilda (now Tilly) was found on the street in Ajijic Mexico. She was severely emaciated with scabs and sores all over her nearly hairless body. It was clear she had suffered from distemper as she had neurological damage. Matilda has a constant tic that jerks her rear leg which in turn jerks her whole body about every one second. After being rescued and receiving veterinary care, Matilda spent 9 months in a foster home in Mexico. In August of 2018 Matilda got her flight to the States. After going to a couple of different fosters, I was asked if I could foster her. She was weak and spent most of her days laying on a dog bed. She had a couple meet and greets with potential adopters but each time she met someone, she would refuse to walk. She would just lay there like she was totally handicapped. As time passed, I realized I couldn’t bear to see her go, so I asked Street Dog Hero if I could adopt her myself. Since October, 2018 Tilly has been a wonderful part of our family. We began building up her strength with two walks a day. She began playing with the other dogs and playing with toys. Now, three years later, Tilly is doing great! Though she will always have her tic, it has lessened in severity. She has learned how to lay on that leg just right so it does not jerk her whole body when she sleeps. Sometimes she is barely moving at all. Her strength in her front legs and shoulders make running and playing much easier. She wakes up every morning with such joy about another day beginning. She is busy patrolling the fence line and keeping the goats and other dogs in order. No more laying around on a dog bed all day for her. She has things to do as the queen of the household. Tilly has been a lot of fun and we adore her.” – Tilly’s mom