Blair was adopted December 2020.

“I feel like this message is long overdue, but it is important to me to share with you my gratitude for Street Dog Hero. Thank you for all the hard work you put into so many dogs. Without the creation of Street Dog Hero, I would never have met the greatest blessing I have today. My love for animals has always been there, but the love and bond I’ve developed over time with Blair is like no other. The day I picked her up at the airport I could tell she was so scared of the world but had so much heart. We sat waiting patiently in the parking lot, offering treats and words of affirmation till she was comfortable enough to go home. Not even a whole day went by and I had already decided that I was going to do whatever it took for this dog to have a forever home with me. Now we go to work, parks, hikes and everywhere possible together. I can say with complete confidence that Blair is happy, and healthy thanks to your efforts in bringing her to Oregon. It’s been rewarding to see her grow over time and help her build the confidence needed to live a joyful life. I believe every dog deserves a chance at a better life, but street dogs have always had a special place in my heart. Sometimes I think to myself, what would I do without this blessed dog. Every day is a good day, but with her in my life, every day is even a greater day. Thank you for all the hard work and efforts you put into giving these dogs the opportunity to live a happy life!” -Blair’s momma