Pulga was found abandoned on the streets of Valladolid, Mexico in spring of 2021, and was estimated to be about 2 years old. Fortunately, the rescuers found her to be perfectly healthy. She acted like she had been with a family at one point in her life, so she was quickly selected to fly up north. Her sweet face attracted attention quickly, and in no time her new family was found, ready to welcome Pulga (now named Trixie) to their home. Here’s the update from Pulga’s mom.

“From the moment I picked her up from the airport till this very second she has made our hearts smile and our 15 year old Winston/her new elder brother got a new lease on his life after losing his brother the year before. We couldn’t have chosen a better name for her. She is full of zoomies, snuggles and go go go! Her fur has grown back completely, and her sweet natural mohawk is a show stopper! Everywhere we go, people flock to her.

Thank you for what you all do, and bringing so much joy to our lives, and making our family complete!” – Trixie’s mom.  Trixie and her forever family live happily in Central Oregon.