Elle was a true street dog; she lived on an empty lot with a shed and was constantly pregnant. She was the best mama dog and took amazing care of all her litters; giving them love, patience, and every treat given to her she gave to her puppies.Her pups were always rescued and found homes but never her. Her luck turned and she finally got her turn in the spring of 2021. After she was rescued, she was treated for heartworm and she beat it like Wonder Woman, and found her forever home in Oregon.

She was re-named Ellie, and here is the update on this sweet gal, which may require a tissue or two to get through:

– Fall of 2021 –

“Ellie Bean, age 4-6 years old, died this week of a lightning-speed lymphoma. Ellie lived most of her life in a small village in Mexico, guarding the empty lot she called home, raising puppies, and foraging on the sandy streets from a local elderly gentleman who set food out for Ellie and her friends. She was reportedly a patient and nurturing mother, biting the fleas from her pups’ fur and sharing any treats she found.

Still, a life that takes a toll on a body. Countless litters, three serious infectious diseases, a hurricane, a tumble down an empty well. A chain of people linked to rescue organizations arranged to help Ellie find much-needed medical care and the opportunity to enjoy a better life. She was rescued off the streets, rested, and received care in a boarding house in a nearby town for six months while awaiting a permanent home.

Ellie retired to Oregon in a home with soft cushions, adoring family, and an abundance of treats. She strolled each day along a tree-shaded street (her ‘promenade’) and by a park, watching passers-by with great curiosity. Ellie enjoyed investigating the sights and smells on outings to parks, farms, nurseries, and campuses. She was enthusiastic about discovering new flavors, leading her to a volunteer gig addressing the problem of urban food waste– in particular the fruits fallen to rot on the sidewalk by lackadaisical gardeners. 

Despite her shy and gentle nature, Ellie took her responsibility to protect her home and loved ones from interlopers  seriously. Although reticent with strangers, she touched many hearts with the way she gazed deeply and with warm acceptance into the eyes of friends she made.

After only four months in retirement, Ellie succumbed to cancer, leaving behind fans and family who adored everything about her. She had a quick mind, easy-going temperament, little apple head, soulful eyes, and funny gait. Her family misses her tenderness, warmth, and soft mouth.  They are grateful for each day she shared. Grateful that she taught them the ‘Ellie wiggle’—a full butt wag so vigorous it threatened to knock the wagger off their feet. It was a great mood enhancer when performed in unison as a family. She brought them lightness in a summer of loss. If they had known their time together would be short, they would have protected their hearts. But then, they would have missed being touched by this radiant soul. “ – Ellie’s mom