This is our last Pupdate of 2021, so in the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to share a happily ever after/feel good story to wrap up the year. She was a recent arrival and was featured on our $5 Friday post, so many of you might still remember Felicia’s journey…

Before being rescued and brought to safety, Felicia was found severely injured after a person with an alcohol/drug problem had attacked her and for whatever reason, attempted to remove her eyes with a stick. There was nothing else that could be done except to surgically remove her eyes once she was rescued. Despite this tragic event, Felicia still trusts people, is very loving, and an extremely social, friendly girl to all people and other dogs. Felicia was rescued in Mexico City, Mexico.

Felicia is now “Miso”.

“Miso is doing great! She seems like she felt comfortable in our home right away and I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly she acclimated to her new life and home. I love seeing her personality come out more and more. Miso’s sweet soul and playful personality is a perfect fit for our family. Despite the trauma that she experienced in her life, she is fearless, courageous, and is the most affectionate little pup. Her favorite activities include snuggling, playing with her four-legged brother, Maverick, and finding as many toys as she can (but mostly snuggling). Miso is learning to love the snow and getting more and more comfortable with her surroundings. She is so full of life and love, and has won everyone over with her sweet little snore and adventurous personality! I am so grateful for Erica, who rescued her in Mexico City, SDH, and everyone else that were involved in bringing her up from Mexico. I can’t imagine our little family without her already!”

– Miso’s mom.

This year, Street Dog Hero adopted over 450 dogs to their new homes from 7 different countries (including U.S. Territories such as Guam and St. Thomas). We could not have done this without all the help we received from our rescue partners, the volunteers, the donors, and the adopters. Thank you so much for all of your support. Happy Howlidays from our pack to yours!