Shrimp was found wandering the streets of Cancun when he was around a year old. He was very malnourished and had visible injuries that didn’t heal correctly due to lack of medical care. Shrimp was a true Street Dog, running the streets trying and finding food wherever he could just to survive. His luck turned when he was rescued by two local ladies who nurtured him back to health. He then was flown to Oregon by Street Dog Hero in May 2017 with hopes of finding his forever family. 

Here’s the update of Shrimp:
“When Shrimp joined our family, everything was new to him. He had to learn to recognize everyday sounds and what seems to be normal to us – like the TV in the living room being on or the sound of a door shutting – was a big deal to him at first. But eventually, he settled in nicely! Today, Shrimp is the happiest dog I’ve ever come across. His tail never stops wagging and he literally smiles. Shrimp’s favorite things in life are people and going places with his humans. He spends his life camping, going for drives, going on hikes around PNW, and stealing green beans and strawberries from the garden. The best thing about Shrimp- he is ALWAYS happy, and now I am happy to have him in my life!” – Shrimp’s mom