Snow was thrown out of a moving car into traffic, possibly got run over by a car, and left alongside the road to die. No one stopped and cars just kept driving by. One of our independent rescuers was on the road that day and saw what she thought was a dead dog on the side of the road. She pulled over to move the dog so it wouldn’t get run over again and she quickly realized the dog was still breathing. She had a broken leg but was still alive. She was named Snow, and received the care she needed and flew north to find her forever home. 

Here’s the update from her forever family:

We re-named her P’nina as Hebrew is spoken in our household and it means “pearl” as she is indeed a pearl to our family. We celebrated our second Gotcha Date in September this year (she got a hamburger) and like we always say, P’nina has gone from the “street life” to the “sweet life”, and nothing could be more true!

You can see P’nina just about daily at the Hollinshead dog park scampering with other dogs or just following her family around. She lets you know when someone is at the door with the world’s loudest barks but then squeals to be petted from the visitors entering our home. We have a tambourine on the back door and she’s learned to hit it to let us know she wants to go out or be fed. P’nina also spent 25 days straight tent camping with our family at the lake and she now has her own camping chair for future trips. She has been through many of the forests in Oregon and loves riding in the car and playing with her best fur friend, Joy. Never have we had such a companion as sweet and loyal as P’nina. She gets snuggles and cuddles all day every day from her family and friends, and she has come to adore our cat, Patchouli, and gives her lots of unwanted licks and sniffs daily. We often talk as a family what our life was like before having P’nina, and it’s hard to remember. She still has that street dog in her where she is always scavenging under tables and at the food truck courts looking for extra scraps. But, overall, she has settled in nicely to her new life. Thank you, Street Dog Hero, for saving her from the streets, mending her broken leg, and uniting us with a love that has no limits.