Sophie was rescued from Cancun where she was found chained to an abandoned, dilapidated church when she was just a few months old with no food, water, or shelter from the hot sun or rain. We do not know how long she had been there but she was parched, very scared, skinny and so tiny… Fortunately, she was found by a local before it was too late, got untied, and the rest is history.

Her mom says: “Sophie was to arrive in Oregon in February of 2018 from Mexico and needed a foster. Already having Shrimp (who was featured in last week’s Pupdate!), we agreed to foster Sophie. We were wanting a second dog at the time, and were looking for a dog that is a little bigger than Shrimp. Fostering seemed like a good option to see how Shrimpy would do with another dog, and we were happy to help SDH. 

When Sophie arrived, she was TINY! I believe she weighed around 4 pounds then. She was shaky and hid from everyone for the first couple of days; everything made her nervous. We decided to keep fostering until she was adjusted and comfortable enough that her adoption would be successful with her forever family as she gained confidence! She bonded with Shrimp quickly, and as time passed, she became extremely attached to Shrimpy. Then, we became very attached to her as well! So, even though we wanted a bigger dog, she stole our hearts and we ended up adopting Tiny Sophie. She is tiny but mighty and very smart! She has come a long way, and at times, she even likes to protect her big brother. She enjoys laying in the sun, going on walks, and some hiking- she gets carried after a couple of miles. Tiny Sophie loves camping, car rides, and steals anything she can from our garden, just like her big brother. And she’s the happiest wherever Shrimp is; they are two peas in a pod, living their best lives together!”

Shrimp and Sophie have their own IG page @shrimpnsoph