Lula was around 5 years old and near death when she was found and rescued on the streets of Cabo. She was covered in fleas and ticks, was very malnourished and had severe anemia. She was a typical dog momma who probably had litter after litter of pups and has been through a lot; you could tell just by looking at her.  


Here’s an update of Lula:

“Her name fits her perfectly; Lue has the loveliest disposition and is happy to meet kids, humans and other dogs to play with. Within a day of picking her up, she was happily lying on the couch, paws up in the air snoozing. She must have sensed that she finally landed somewhere safe. Nowadays, Lue owns all the soft surfaces in our home making her way from one to the other throughout the day. We definitely feel that she earned them. Her favorite pastime is looking out the window to make sure all the passersby and dogs are in the ‘approved’ list. Recently, it would seem that a couple dogs don’t meet with her approval and while she rarely barks, she lets the people and pups on the street know that this is her area to watch. Her other favorite thing is that she gets so excited to see what fun things are inside when a box arrives from

For those of us that have adopted a street dog, we will never know the full extent of their lives before SDH found them. There are times I wonder if her puppy dreams are happy ones or ones of trauma, when those whimpers happen and I am nearby, I give her a reassuring pat to let her know she’s safe. As it turns out, Sweet Lue is very well behaved, rarely barks or digs so we didn’t have to spend much time training her. Sweet  Lue has given us tremendous joy and laughter. We are grateful for SDH and the work that they do to find loving homes for the pups that otherwise would not have a chance.” – Lue’s mom