Little Zoey came over to the States in the fall of 2018 with her mom and siblings. They were found in a parking garage in New Delhi by the locals and were rescued off the streets but sadly that was not the end of their troubles. They had to move rescues a few times as they ended up in bad situations with “rescue” folks who were abusive, and the dogs were starving and did not get any medical attention. One of Zoey’s siblings was killed by another dog in one of the shelters, two of the siblings almost died from being sick.  The options to secure flights out of India for the dogs were not great and it took much longer than we anticipated to get them out of the country. They finally all arrived in the US a very stressful year after they were originally rescued off the streets.


“When Zoey first came to us as a foster pup, she was so guarded, and didn’t really want much to do with us although she was interested in other dogs. We gave her treats, took her to the park, went for walks, and she tolerated us. But when someone would visit, she would find the darkest, quietest corner to hide until they left, having no interest in meeting anyone new. She was adopted out twice, but she couldn’t make it work with the first two families. We said when Zoey left for the second time, if she came back it was meant to be and she would stay with us for good. So, the day I picked her back up, I told Zoey we were going home and she never had to leave again. We got a puppy not too long after that, and she adores her as they spend all their time together and she loves us a little more now. She’s quirky, beautiful like a Disney princess dog, regal and tall, but she scraps like one of the perps on an episode of Cops. She will not back down no matter the odds, it’s the fighter in her, the one that remembers a hardscrabble life. I think I love her a little more for that. In any case she is home, loved, spoiled and protected even though she’s still quirky.” – Zoey’s mom