Last week, we featured Miss Zoey from India. This week is about her adopted sister, Cali!

“We fostered Cali in early 2019, and soon learned that she had a very sad backstory. She was living alone on the streets of Cancun, Mexico, where she was hit by a car.  This caused a broken leg so severe that the bone broke through the skin and she developed an infection in the exposed bone. 

Once she was rescued off the streets and made her way to the U.S., the doctor’s determined that nothing else could be done to treat that injury and she had to live with a bum leg that is not useful, but they were able to keep it. Despite her medical challenge, we still wanted to take care of her and she seemed to really enjoy the ‘doggie ranch’ environment we had at our house. 

An adopter came to meet her and even though it was difficult for us to say goodbye to her, she moved to Portland. We really missed her, and when the adoptive family contacted Street Dog Hero to say they couldn’t keep her, we jumped at the chance to make Cali a permanent part of our crazy family. We had already rescued Zoey from India in 2018, so we were happy to find her a new sister.

Through two moves, multiple holidays and many life changes; our little potato bug is still with us. Cali is extremely low maintenance and likes to eat, sleep and watch Animal Planet from her own couch in the living room. She only gets excited and rowdy once in a while and that’s okay with us. But if you think an elderly dog with only three good legs can’t run… show her a possum! She once made me do a distance run at 4:30 in the morning in Louisiana swamp county in my bare feet to catch her, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. 

Cali is slowing down a bit and her age is starting to show – but I know she knows that she will never be hungry or lonely or cold again because we are her family and will be here for her until the Rainbow Bridge calls. We love our little potato bug!” – Cali’s mom