“Blu with no ‘e’, sweetheart with a dash of spunk, destroyer of all plush toys, lover of sun and hater of grass. This gorgeous girl was found near a gas station by vacationers in Mexico, so they contacted our rescue partner and she was taken into the safe shelter. She was extremely thin and also recently had puppies.

One month ago, James and I picked up Blu from the airport for a short term foster. In three short days, she stole our hearts. In one month, she created an everlasting bond between Rachelle (her long-term foster), the team at SDH and us. 

Blu made friends everywhere she went: The little girl sitting at the table next to us at brunch, who was so excited when she received kisses from Blu. A neighborhood of moms who took turns boiling chicken for her when Blu wasn’t so sure of her kibble. Our neighborhood pet store owner, who couldn’t resist giving her a plush toy that was as large as she was. The team at the veterinary office, who always commented on what sweatshirt Blu was wearing that day. 

Though she was quiet and sweet, Blu also had sass: Huffing and puffing when Rachelle dared to move the dog bed when cleaning the house. Popping a squat on the living room rug (not once, but twice!) when her new favorite destroyed toy was taken from her. Sneaking out of her crate to crawl under the covers of the bed to nap until Rachelle came home.

When we learned that her tiny body was fighting some serious health concerns, James and I welcomed Blu back into our home, considering her to be our second SDH foster fail. We hoped that we’d have weeks or months with her but her tiny body waited just long enough for James to return home from a trip before letting us know it was her time.

We believe that her cancer had metastasized creating tumors on her heart and possibly liver. Her body slowly started shutting down and she had held on as long as she could.

Spending the past month with Blu has taught us the true meaning of being a Street Dog Hero. While many have said she was lucky to have a place to call home with us for her final days, we consider ourselves the lucky ones to have gotten to love her. “ – Michelle, Blu’s foster mom

Rest peacefully, Blu.


Thank you, Michelle, James and Rachelle for being not only great fosters for Blu but awesome human beings and giving some love and places to call home for this precious girl.