Today’s happily ever after Pupdate is on Daisy, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was looking for her forever home recently. Daisy and her new dad found each other after he lost his pup of 15+ years and finally felt ready for another furry companion.  

He had contacted some local area breeders because he had Corgis in the past. But after giving things more thought and consideration, he felt compelled to rescue a dog, and reached out to SDH to adopt. He was instantly drawn to Daisy’s profile on the SDH website and knew he had to learn more about her.  

He and his partner traveled 3+ hours to meet Daisy. After a couple days of home trial, they were ready to make her a permanent part of their family. 

Daisy’s new dad is a pilot and flies a private plane. Daisy accompanies him to work in the big hangar everyday and we can see from the pictures they sent us that she is already loving her new job. She loves having a purpose and she’ll soon get to go on recreational flights around the Pacific Northwest to take in the views from the air with her new family.