You may remember Ramona, the Aztec Hairless girl we featured around the holidays in our “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” video, who was looking for her forever home.  

Ramona was found in March of 2019 on the road to Cancun, where she was pregnant but had gotten run over by a car and lost her puppies. She was covered in mange and very malnourished. Ramona arrived with a bad skin infection that forced her to chew the pads off her feet, and was bleeding all over her body. Once she was rescued and checked out, we found out that she had hypothyroidism and allergies to certain foods. She required a special diet to heal and recover from skin breakouts, and of course, a special someone who understands all this and is still willing to care for her and nurse her back to health. 

Happily, Ramona got adopted not long after she came to the States in December of 2021  by a wonderful family who are familiar with her breed. Chris and Petie in Alabama couldn’t feel any luckier to have Ramona (now just “Mona”) in their lives! They wanted to complete their family with another rescue, and Ramona fits right into this family with their 2 other “Xoloitzcuintle crosses” (Aztec hairless breed).

Now Chris has a dog who he can call his own, and they’re all getting along wonderfully today.  Under their care, Mona has lost the weight she needed to shed,  her fur has grown in, and her skin condition is much, much better.  She is living the good life down in the south, and her new family loves spoiling her!