In early 2021, Nala was brought to a clinic in Albania when she was 3 months old after she had been poisoned and abandoned on the street. She recovered quickly and had lived with a foster home until she had a chance to find a forever home in the U.S.

“Nala is very happy and doing great. She immediately became a full member of the family and one of my furry children and is quite spoiled. It brings us such joy to see her playfulness and watch her grow up. She is now about a year and a half old, 50 lbs.with a very long and lean body. She has grown a nice winter coat and much to our surprise, a very lush feathery tail. She gets lots of comments on her tail and how cute her face is.  

Nala has multiple beds and a house full of toys of all kinds on the floor. When she constantly gets into things she’s not supposed to, we keep telling her it’s a good thing she’s soooo darn cute. She gets to go to the dog park everyday and is popular with other dogs. Amazingly, she is generally the fastest dog around when she gets going full speed. Her personality reminds me a lot of the Siberian Husky we had…adventurous, independent and smart, knows the commands but thinks about whether she wants to comply or run off. She loves to chase our cats and tries to play with them. They all get along fine when she’s calmer but our cats are older and not so fond of her when she gets energetic and crazy. Nala loves the snow and has not shown any signs of ever being cold even in below freezing weather. 

We are very grateful for her foster family in Albania and we are so happy for us and for her that she was rescued, allowed to live a good life and forget about her harsh beginnings. Special thank you to Street Dog Hero for helping Nala find her way into our lives. ” – Nala’s mom