We featured Mama Hope a few weeks back. She and her precious puppies made their way to Central Oregon after Hurricane Harvey displaced them from Texas in 2017. Today, we are sharing how some of her puppies are doing, so it’s a Pupdate times 3!


“From day 1, Harvey has been such an amazing addition to our family. He is super snuggly, extremely loyal, and very smart. He loves to play fetch, go on walks, splash around in the water, and do tricks in exchange for treats (he especially loves ice cubes.. go figure!). Since he is so loyal to mom and dad, it takes him a little time to warm up to other people, but when he does he’s full of love! Our sweet boy Harvey truly is a gift, and we are so lucky to have him.” – Harvey’s mom


“Walter is the sweetest darn dog; just all love. He enjoys making cozy nests and napping in them. Ear scratches. Playing with his brother Bowie a little too hard. Digging up things that have been dead for a very long time and doing tap dances to be let outside to pee at 5 am.” – Walter’s mom


“Zoey (aka Boots) is one of the sweetest, kindest, cutest, lovable, cuddly dogs ever!!! She can be literally one of the laziest dogs I’ve ever seen, unless something super exciting is going down. But our family likes to get out and be active, so Zoey loves to tag along with us going hiking, camping, and running on the beach with her dog brother Zeke. She likes to play with toys, too, even if they aren’t hers. Zoey is slowly warming up to her baby human sister (1.5 years old). “ – Zoey’s mom

We hope to hear from the rest of the siblings soon to give you the updates on them, too!