In the spring of 2018, River and her pups were found by an independent rescuer near Guadalajara, Mexico. Her puppies were about 3 weeks old. It looked like River literally had them on the side of the road, and sadly by the time the rescuer went back to get them, someone had taken 3 of the puppies. 

 River was adopted in the U.S. straight away, but unfortunately, it did not work out with that original family, so she went to live with another family. She thought that was her forever family, but after living with the second family for about a year or so, the family needed to rehome her because they were moving and couldn’t take her. Despite her calm and sweet personality, it took River a couple of years to find her forever home. But, family #3 who came along in 2020 was THE ONE. 

 In September, 2020 River and her mamma found each other and the rest is history. Now River lives the best life on the Oregon coast with her forever person.

Here is what River has to say:

“Hi River here….I FOUND MY FOREVER HOME!! 

My mom loves me so much because she tells me a zillion times a day with kisses. 

I live at the beach and I love running around, smelling the salty ocean air. I have made some good dog friends who love to play chase at the beach. It rains a lot where I live, which I kinda don’t like but my mom bought me a rain coat so it makes it better. My mom and I also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, camping, running…all fun things. She and I snuggle a lot, too, and she tells me I’m the most affectionate dog she has ever had. I know I am home here forever because my mom tells me so and I believe her!” – River