This week’s pupdate is a bittersweet story of Mr Clyde:

“We adopted Clyde (formerly known as Lucky) through Street Dog Hero in November of 2018 from South Korea. When Clyde was rescued, he had Heartworms and weighed less than 60lbs. which was very underweight for a dog his size. He was estimated to be 5-6 years old at the time, and we were happy to provide him with a forever home to spend his Golden Years.

Clyde slowed down a lot in the fall of 2021, struggling with arthritis and walking. Sadly, we lost him in March to a stroke.

Clyde was lovingly known in my family of teenage boys  as ‘my favorite’. He loved spending his time with us up on Mount Hood going on hikes and cross country skiing adventures. Clyde reluctantly tolerated all of the SDH fosters we brought into the house and was a great mentor to them all. Our time with Clyde wasn’t as long as we would have hoped but he was beyond loved by his family.” – Clyde’s mom