Sisters Woody and Jessy, were rescued off the streets of Mexico by a local who kept them and their mom for 7 years. Sadly, when their owners relocated, they could not take the 2 girls with them. Woody and Jessy were suddenly uprooted from the only home they’ve ever known. 

They ended up with our rescue partner in Baja for a few weeks before catching a flight to the U.S.  Once Woody and Jessy arrived in Oregon, we quickly realized that they are a bonded pair, and had to find a family who would take them both. As they were 8.5 yrs old it was going to be a challenge to find a home willing to take two larger dogs that were entering the senior phase of their lives.

The foster family that took Woody and Jessy in had two rescues of their own, Mack and Banjo. They had been fostering dogs for SDH and had a good understanding of dogs who had experienced traumas and challenges in their past.  They knew that Jessy and Woody were not going to be adopted easily. So, a few months after Woody and Jessy became their fosters, they moved into a house with a nice yard to accommodate the four-legged ones’ needs, and adopted the girls. They are now known as Jessica and Winnie. Their dad says health wise the girls are doing good. Jessica has been having hip issues but now she is on the mend after a quick visit to a vet. Winnie is doing great aside from not letting them trim her nails.

(Winnie with the black muzzle, Jessica with a pink spot on her nose)