Capri took a long car ride from Mexico to the U.S. with her siblings in May of 2021. It took quite a while for her to settle into her new normal, and be comfortable meeting new people. So, while she watched her littermates find their forever home, she tried a couple of different foster homes for a few months and gained some self-confidence before she finally found her family who saw the potential in her.

She is now known as Penny and here is her update:

“Penny has been doing really well. She is silly, sassy, and very curious. Tag is her favorite game and will often play whether you know you are in the game or not. Her nose does take her on new adventures on the property but has learned to come back when called. Penny wants to go with us whenever we get ready for a car ride. 

Penny definitely prefers being outside to inside. Early in our relationship, Penny was very nervous when inside and we noticed she did better in the evenings when the house was darker. She was more relaxed and wanted to be social with the family and asked for physical affection. 

She has taken to my son as her person. He is learning to help her continue growing, helping her out of her nervous shell and be a good alpha for her. When he is out riding his dirt bike Penny runs with him and keeps a close eye on her boy. She is very vocal and ‘talks’ back all the time. She makes funny grumble sounds that sound like she is muttering under her breath. 


Penny and Chase, our other dog, love running and playing. They have a well-worn path around the property. Penny will tease Chase by taking his toys and taunting him if he doesn’t want to play. He has his special toy and she knows which one will get his attention. When they aren’t wrestling they are curled up on the couch cuddling or being lazy in the bedroom. Penny still tucks herself under the bed to nap in her ‘puppy cave.’


Crowds still make her nervous but she continues to be more relaxed and at ease with her home life. The more we challenge her comfort the more she blossoms.” – Penny’s mom