In 2018, Maggie was found roaming a field in Texas. She was fortunate to be rescued and sent on her way to Oregon. We will never know the full histories of many of the dogs Street Dog finds on the streets, and Maggie is one of those examples. She had some scarring when she was found, but nothing is known about its origins. Her mom says Maggie has a fear of water that her dog trainer said is probably because the people that originally had her used a hose on her. 

“Maggie had a pretty rough start when she came to live with us, with an eye puncture (cats are VERY interesting to her and she still can’t stay away), Heartworm treatment, AND bilateral TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery!! But since then, she has been living a good life. 

Maggie greets me when I come home from work everyday with a sock. We’ve even added a little brother for her. I can always count on Maggie to be there whenever someone is sick; she snuggles all day until the kids feel better. She is the most gentle, loving, and protective dog. Our twins and Maggie are about the same age, and it’s been heartwarming to watch them grow up together. Maggie has helped me through some really dark times and I don’t know where I would be without her. I just knew from the first picture I saw of her on Street Dog Hero’s post that she was meant to be with me. I am beyond thankful that she was brought to us!” – Maggie’s mom