Today’s pupdate is about a couple of lucky pups that escaped bad situations and found their forever homes.


“Paloma (now Junie) was adopted in May, 2020 by my mom, who lives on the same street as us. We saw a video post of her and others being driven up from Baja and she stood out to us right away. Junie came from a Cabo dump where Street Dog Hero held some spay/neuter clinics. There are hundreds of dogs that call the dump their home, but Junie was one of the lucky ones who was rescued there.

Cig (now Zumi) was a stray in Tulare, California. A good samaritan found him on the street and tried to locate his owner, but he ended up at a crowded shelter. Street Dog Hero drove him up with others in an RV and a minivan in April, 2020.

I was looking for a dog around 20 pounds I could travel with on planes, and he was full grown and 21 pounds which was perfect for us. We met Zumi in June after his first home didn’t work out, and decided the night he came to us for a trial that we had to keep him, and he’s been with us ever since. 

Junie and Zumi celebrated their 2 year ‘gotcha days’ this spring. They are best friends and a pack of their own. They enjoy snuggling, taking naps, and long walks on the river. They have two devoted boys who love them. We are so grateful to have had them to guide us through the pandemic. Junie and Zumi gave us routine and structure in our strange quarantine days. We are as lucky to have them as they are to have us. “ Zumi’s mom