Sombie arrived at a rescue in Guadalajara, Mexico in August 2016. He and three siblings, about three weeks old, were dumped in a box at their gate. All were very weak and dehydrated from being in the hot sun and no one thought they’d make it, especially Sombie who was the runt and the weakest. But they all pulled through, and after a long recovery and a year and a half of waiting, Sombie got his chance to find his forever home in Oregon.

Sombie is now FInnegan and here is his pupdate:

“Finnegan fka Sombie, came from Guadalajara, Mexico, and was fostered by a fabulous friend of ours who knew that we may be looking for another dog to join our family since my mom’s dog had passed away shortly before. Our friend told me to come to her office and meet her foster dog. We were sold right there and then, but they came over and met the rest of the family that afternoon.  We were all in agreement that we were his forever family and we adopted Finn in January, 2018. 

We call him Finnegan the Weird, because he just doesn’t know how to be a dog, which makes him very entertaining and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It took him over 2 years to walk past my husband comfortably. But today, Finn allows him to pet him and sometimes even gives a hug or a quick kiss. He doesn’t even know what to do with toys to this day but he tries to follow his awesome big brother Rooney’s lead. He would much rather be inside than outside, except when he gets to go camping with his people. Hates wind chimes,and flickering lights. But Finn is the sweetest, cuddly, most loveable little thing. He makes us laugh on a daily basis and our family is so thankful for him.” – Finnegan’s mom