Zanza lived in Mexico City with a family who lost their jobs during the pandemic and couldn’t afford to take care of her any longer. Our friends at @amorsinraza in Mexico City took her in but because she was so big there was no way to fly her north so she was driven up with a bunch of other big dogs in December of 2021 during a snowstorm. It was a long trip but she made it and found her new family. 

“Pig (her new name) has settled in very nicely. It felt like she was always meant to be a part of our family. She gets along well with our two other dogs; Nessie, a 3 year old English Mastiff, and Zeus, a 4 year old St. Bernard, who we also got through SDH. Pig and Nessie cuddle together often on our much too small Costco sized beds. Our 10 year old son is Pig’s favorite person and she would sleep on his bed every night if we would let her. Pig loves food and snorts around to find every piece and crumb (hence her name). She is quick to remind us when it is meal time. Her new name fits her well. Everyone who meets Pig for the first time falls in LOVE with her. She has a sweet, albeit sometimes stubborn temperament. She is not a fan of the cold but loves the heat. If it is a nice day, she lays on the warm concrete and sun bathes. We are so thankful that she got to come home with us. She is just the best!” – Pig’s mom