Today’s two boys featured in the Pupdate were adopted 1 year apart by the same family and came from the same rescue partner in Guadalajara. 

“Farley (formerly Pete) has come so far since I adopted him in March of 2020. Though he is big, he was a very shy boy, and he was afraid of any sudden noise like car noises on TV, or loud vehicles… But now he’s adapted to these ‘city noises’ and doing much better. He is a happy boy who likes to stick his head out the window in the breeze, like his siblings, Mex and Mia. Farley is so tall, I always come back to the car to find the overhead rear light on.
Though a playful guy, Farley was not a good sport at dog parks and I felt that he needed a friend/playmate since his older sister Mia doesn’t play with him. We saw Mex (formerly Max) on the SDH site in spring of 2021, and he looked young and adorable; I thought he might be The One. Mex makes friends with all humans and dogs on our daily walks. He does well off-leash, and enjoys chasing squirrels but is good about coming back to me when called. Mex is a gentle, sweet, playful, fun-loving guy who has made life more fun for Farley. Mex brings out the best, playful, joyful side of Farley. Once they met, the bond was born. We moved to a house with a half acre yard, and they couldn’t be happier having more space to run and wrestle with each other. I must say, two Street Dog Hero dogs are better than one!!” – Farley and Mex’s mom