It was believed that Beto came from a dog fighting home. While he didn’t have obvious scars to indicate having been in fights, someone had put him through a horrible experience that is sadly common with dogs that are unsuccessful fighters. His ears were cut off, and there was a big wound on his head that looked like he was beaten with a rock or a pipe. When he still didn’t die from those injuries, they lit him on fire and left him to die in the pile of trash. 

A good samaritan found poor Beto and took him to a local rescue where his injuries and severe infections were treated. Being a “scary” looking dog just recovering from traumatic injuries, they weren’t sure if he would be adoptable. But despite the inhuman treatment he received – he somehow turned out to be a very loving and goofy boy. Quickly, Beto became the favorite of staff and volunteers. SDH gave him the chance he needed by flying him up north, and within a couple of months, Beto found his forever family.

“Beto is the most wonderful gift to us! He is a big, warm, gentle survivor with his own scars and an open heart, and we are constantly amazed at how people are drawn to him. He likes everyone, especially kids, and I always say that if we meet someone he doesn’t like we should pay close attention. Beto wants nothing more than to be with his family and we are enjoying watching him come out of his shell more and more. For all that he has been through he is learning to trust that he is safe and loved and we are determined to make sure the rest of his life makes up for what he went through. Beto absolutely loves to be in the car, whether it’s moving or not, and always wishes he could be the co-pilot. He is definitely a warm weather being and loves to sit in the sunshine surveying his domain. He is silly at times, can be very stubborn, and is sensitive by nature. We could never have dreamt of a better addition to our family!” – Beto’s mom