“Happy Callie, Happy Me. Callie, a Jindo mix, was born in South Korea in September of 2015. From the beginning, her future looked pretty bleak. Callie had several strikes against her before coming to me. First, she was bred to be human food in Korean. Second, she spent the first year of her life in a cage. Third, her first family in the U.S. didn’t work out for her. I think she was too  wild for her prospective adopters. 

I was eager to get a companion for my aging, Yellow-Lab mix, Sadie. Sadie had been losing the spring in her step, and I felt it would be helpful to get a second, younger dog to stimulate her and be a companion for her. In short, it worked!

I live in Central Oregon where there are unlimited places to go in the woods and have dogs off-leash. Before Callie, I would take Sadie out in the woods and she would basically stay right with me. But once Callie discovered the woods, she was off and running, chasing chipmunks and lizards, and exploring every bush, dead tree, or badger’s burrow that she could find. And Sadie was right on her heels…two tails wagging wildly in the breeze. 

My wish for Sadie had been realized, and Callie, once confined to a small cage, was now free to explore her new world. For her, life couldn’t be much better. And for me, well, I feel pretty lucky, too!” – Callie’s dad