Sasha lived with someone who called themself “a local rescuer” in La Paz, Mexico, who was more of a hoarder of dogs. Honestly, the dogs would have been better off on the streets then locked in his house. The dogs did not have any access to food or water. Street Dog Hero rescued 18 dogs from that house and all were skin and bones, had little to no fur and a few we carried out as they were dying in our arms. Sasha was a skeleton w/ no fur on her, yet she had a glimmer in her eyes and was still so happy to greet us. The dogs were quarantined with a vet in Mexico for over a month until they were healthy enough to fly. 

Sasha, too, eventually got healthy enough to come up to the U.S., met her family, and the rest is history:

“Sasha is a super happy and sweet dog despite what she experienced. She is such a lover, will give everyone kisses and is an all around stoked dog for life. Happy to snuggle all day or go for a long run. Last summer she went on several backpacking trips with us – and did great! Sasha still plays and runs like a puppy – is learning lots of tricks and loves playing fetch. We are so thankful you gave us the opportunity to adopt her.” – Sasha’s mom