Nothing makes us happier than seeing our street dogs in loving homes! Check out some of our favorite pupdates from SDH alums below!

Pete 2020 and Max 2021 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Today’s two boys featured in the Pupdate were adopted 1 year apart by the same family and came from the same rescue partner in Guadalajara. “Farley (formerly Pete) has come so far since I adopted him in March of 2020. Though he is big, he was a very shy boy, and...

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Zanza 2021 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Zanza lived in Mexico City with a family who lost their jobs during the pandemic and couldn't afford to take care of her any longer. Our friends at @amorsinraza in Mexico City took her in but because she was so big there was no way to fly her north so she was driven...

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Callie 2017 (South Korea)

“Happy Callie, Happy Me. Callie, a Jindo mix, was born in South Korea in September of 2015. From the beginning, her future looked pretty bleak. Callie had several strikes against her before coming to me. First, she was bred to be human food in Korean. Second, she...

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Sasha (La Paz, Mexico 2020)

Sasha lived with someone who called themself “a local rescuer” in La Paz, Mexico, who was more of a hoarder of dogs. Honestly, the dogs would have been better off on the streets then locked in his house. The dogs did not have any access to food or water. Street Dog...

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